My kind of town

wtorek, 29 maja 2007
It’s pouring down like from a bucket

(Polish: “leje jak z cebra”)

Rain seems to be trendy these days on blogs. It rains in Houston and in Denmark, so today a Polish version of the popular English phrase “it’s raining cats and dogs”. By the way, I have never understood why it’s raining cats and dogs. Anybody knows?

In Poland we say that it pours down like from a bucket. And we mean, a big bucket, so when it rains, it seems like somebody above our heads just knocked down a bucket with water.

Do you like rain? I hate it, unless I am at home in bed, or watching TV. In mornings when I have to go to work, it is the worst thing for Ania’s mood.

poniedziałek, 12 lutego 2007
To be thrown into deep water

To be thrown into deep water (Polish: być rzuconym na głęboką wodę)

I am not sure if anybody reads me anymore in English, but I know that it has been only my fault since I have not been recently writing too much in this language. Anyway, here's another Polishism. If I don't see any comments, it will mean that I have effectively lost my American readers. Throwing into deep water may include many situations: your nasty high school friends pushing you to a swimming pool, or your brother throwing you from a pier into the Pacific Ocean, and last but not least our father forcing you to jump into a cold lake. All these situations apply to today's Polishism as a very realistic explanation of a situation where you suddenly face something that you either not have done before, or don't have much experience with. If you have been driving a dinky little car you whole life, and then you get to drive a Hummer, then you have been thrown into deep water.

piątek, 29 grudnia 2006
To put a pig under somebody

(Polish: podłożyć komuś świnię)

That would be actually kind of funny. No idea where this term comes from. Perhaps one time there were two brothers, one was good, and the other was bad. The bad one stole a pig from a rich farmer because he wanted to sell it and get money for new shoes (you know now what plans I have for this weekend). But the owner found out very quickly that the pig was missing, and was almost sure that the bad brother did it. The bad brat decided to get rid of the pig, and secretly put it under the good brother’s bed.

It means to put someone into an inconvenient situation.